As an artist I consider painting intimate and personal. The act of sketching as well as painting come from feeling and expressing the seen and unseen world within the blank pages. My colors are bright. My brush strokes are bold; and my aesthetics are joyful.

My paintings often evolve from my sketchbooks that always travel with me. I take the inspired drawings from the sketchbooks and nurture them into a living work on canvas. For me the composition serves as a strong and graphic representation of the way I see the world. I creatively manifest the artistic process, searching for potential to bring the images to life. For people as well as paintings, we require nurturing, development, growth and direction.

Ultimately my hope is that the painted compositions inspire wellbeing and gratitude where ever they are displayed, thereby becoming larger than life.

Bright, Bold, Joy. These are components, which reoccur as themes of my paintings.